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Just 15 minutes from our warm and comfortable cabin, we have 1,000 acres of beautiful and spacious private land dedicated for hunting whitetail deer and turkeys. We have a generous population of the game for you to fully indulge in.

At Flint Ridge Cabins, we are a family-owned business committed to ensuring that you have the ultimate Ohio hunting experience. This means doing everything in our power to make sure we suit your every hunting need.

Our hunting tours are always semi-guided where you get expert-level guidance when it comes to safety and finding game while offering you the freedom to hunt your own way.

Moreover, we offer gun hunts and archery hunts depending on the season. Hunting has never been this exciting!

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Flint Ridge Cabin Offers You Thrilling Whitetail Deer Hunting

The whitetail deer is not only one of the most common large land mammals in Ohio, but also one of the most popular animals to hunt in the world. With their timid personality, muscular bodies, keen sense of smell, and acute hearing, the whitetail provides the perfect competition for hunters in Ohio.

1. Shot Gun Season for Whitetail Deer Hunting

During the shotgun season, the State of Ohio allows you to use of shotguns for hunting the whitetail deer in our hunting grounds. You can also use a handgun with a minimum length barrel of 5-inches.

2. Bow Season for Whitetail Deer Hunting

Ohio lays claim to some of the best archery hunting in the country, and the Flint Ridge Cabins is no exception. At our hunting grounds, you have the option of using a crossbow or a bow for your hunting.

3. Muzzle Loader Season for Whitetail Deer Hunting

The Flint Ridge Cabins offers muzzleloader only hunting season. So ensure you make your way to their hunting grounds for a heart-throbbing whitetail hunting experience.

Visit the Flint Ridge Cabins for Exciting Turkey Hunting Too!

Whitetail deer are not the only game that you can hunt at the Flint Ridge Cabins. You also get a chance to hunt down some wild turkeys. We have a good population of these birds all year round.

So whether you’re looking for your Thanksgiving dinner or just want some hunting action during the summer, the Flint Ridge Cabins will always have your turkey hunting needs covered.

Fun Fishing at the Flint Ridge Cabin

Our spacious and cozy cabin sits upon a 2-acre pond that offers a serene environment for fishing. You’ll be able to catch some catfish, perches, bluegills, and even crappies.

Your fishing will be automatically included once you rent our spectacular rustic cabin. We will even offer fishing poles and other fishing equipment.

Book Your Whitetail Deer and Turkey Hunting Tour Today!

Our hunting tours are inclusive of:

      • Trail cameras to pattern deer
      • Pre-hung tree stand and ground blinds (You can bring your own)
      • Corn fields, Alfa and bean fields, corn piles and food plots
      • A reference list
      • A Polaris ranger and a four-wheeler
      • 120 inches and bigger size limit and 60-65% success rate on pope and young and bigger deer
      • 25% down time of booking and the remaining balance is due on arrival
      • Assistance with deer retrieval and butchering

At Flint Ridge Cabins, you will have a chance to immerse yourself into the exhilarating Ohio hunting action. Don’t miss out! Call us today on 740-405-0559 to book our semi-guided hunting tour with our hunting experts.



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At Flint Ridge Cabins, you will have a chance to immerse yourself into the exhilarating Ohio hunting action.

Don’t miss out! Call us today on 740-405-0559 to book our semi-guided hunting tour with our hunting experts.

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